Mainstay Emergency Drinking Water (60 Pack)

08/19/2013 - Comment

Each case contains 60 (4.224 ounce) packs.

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Each case contains 60 (4.224 ounce) packs.


Gregory Hutton "True Thinker" says:

High shipping, but higher cost of being unprepared. This is in response to T. Vadney who said that during a disaster there is usually water, it just needs to be filtered. This all depends on your area and the nature of the disaster. In a city, it’s possible that there may be water, if emergency services have not used it all for fire fighting or shut off most pipes due to breakage and leakage. In some cases (Earthquake, Tsunami) all water can become contaminated with sewage, in which case you better be sure your filtering can handle all those…

Will Kalif "StormTheCastle" says:

Convenient, easy and flexible The thing about being prepared for an emergency of any type is to be flexible. You don’t know if you will have to evacuate, or lay low for a while. This emergency drinking water is great because it gives you flexibility. Need to get away for just a few days? You can grab a few of them and add them to a bug out bag or throw the whole box in the trunk of your car.The packaging is durable and can take a lot of abuse like in the bottom of a back pack.

Lori Lipke says:

Great product to have around I have not tried this product because I am reserving it for an emergency.However, I love the way it is packaged. I love that I can keep some packages in my car without having to worry about whether the temperature in my car gets warm. I love the fact that it has a 5 year shelf life.I may or may not need to ever use this product but for the price, it is going to give me some peace of mind knowing that I have emergency waterin my car, at my workplace and at home and I have…

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